Interactive Flat Skis

Women are twice as likely to injure a knee ligament on skis.
That's twice as many reasons you should switch to KneeBindings.
Expensive for peace of mind? I don't think so. I really think that few skiers have any real idea of how harrowing this injury is, and how much time, money and pain is involved in recovering from it. Sitting in the medical centre in the resort there were 7 skiers on that day alone with exactly the same [ACL] injury. Six of them were women!” - GP, Australia

Women demand just as much from their equipment as men.  When it comes to protecting your knees - you need to demand a lot more.  KneeBindings can reduce your risk of knee injury by 75% or more.    
So - get some KneeBindings, and level the playing field!

KneeBinding Mist
- with 3.0mm ramp delta
"Best Alpine Binding!"
-Women's Adventure Magazine
KneeBinding Carbon
Aggressive. Confident.
KneeBinding has a model for you!
The Mist features sophisticated graphics that look great on your skis, including most skis that were designed for women. If has a DIN range of 3 through 12, and a perfect 3mm ramp delta. KneeBindings weigh about 2.5 pounds per side (so they're light enough) but they're also incredibly rigid and durable. 

When you click into a KneeBinding you KNOW you're in something solid that that will cut through any monstrous conditions you may encounter.  KneeBindings ski better, retain better, and they're a whole lot safer!
I’ve never had a [knee] injury, but a very good friend of mine did, and I can tell you one thing for sure: I don’t want one. I first heard about your bindings from the people at Outdoor Divas, and I bought mine last year. No kidding, [KneeBindings] do everything I want, and I really do feel so much safer. I now know what it’s like to ski with some confidence!
- ALM, Colorado
I hit one of those chunkies one day.  Boom!  Took the wagon trail down.  OMG it hurt soooo much.  Lost two seasons, too.  I'm back, but I don't think I would be except for your bindings."
– MJA, Washington

“I read that on skis, women are just about twice as likely to hurt their knees as men. I used to complain about how unfair that is, but now I’m doing something about it. Now, I’m skiing on KneeBindings. I LOVE my bindings!” – JP, New York

Ski Better!
And still be able to walk back to your car.