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KneeBinding Carbon14-Fiber Ski Binding

+ Protection


Changing Ski Bindings For Good.

Each year, 70,000 skiers injure an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) on all other alpine bindings.
They require surgery, lost work, one or more lost seasons, and months of painful physical therapy.
It is the worst medical epidemic in the history of skiing.

Ordinary bindings were designed to protect against broken legs, but they don't protect against knee injuries.
But KneeBindings have a 3rd dimension - a patented, PureLateralTM heel release.
It can detect the forces that cause most knee injuries, and release before the injury occurs!
KneeBinding is the only ski binding proven to help protect your knees.

Professional-grade KneeBindings are the ONLY bindings made in America, and it is
no accident that KneeBindings have won every major on-snow performance award!
We offer superior leverage, edge-grip, and retention, with industry-leading elasticity,
cantilevered brakes, configurable ramp delta, precision toe height, the most stable boot platform,
the widest mounting platform, and a full floating mount system for "flat" skis.

Insist on KneeBindings.
World-class convenience, performance, and retention.
Dramatically fewer serious injuries.