Interactive Flat Skis

"The thing is legit! I had no pre-releases, boot movement, or any other undesirable sensations. It makes sense to protect yourself against the heartbreak of knee injury, and the boot-to-ski connection feels as good as any binding made!"
 - Powder Magazine
Carbon14 (5-14)
The world's only carbon-fiber binding is now available with settings from 5 to 14. This is the top of the line, with superior strength and rigidity, safety and performance. Carbon Black, Silver, and Vector Red.
(DIN 5-14)
(DIN 3-12)
The world's only carbon-fiber binding blends industrial resins with hi-tech carbon fibers to increase strength and rigidity. This makes the coupling even tighter and stiffer, providing more feedback to the skier and more precise transmission of energy to the ski. Totally cool in Carbon Black and Vector Red.
(DIN 3-12)
(DIN 5-14)
With higher retention settings and forward pressure, top freestylers and racers can enjoy legendary performance and retention while still dramatically reducing the possibility of a knee injury. Comes with 3mm ramp delta for more balanced stance. KneeBinding fully cantilevered brakes and geometry allow more aggressive carving and more reliable switch landings. High visibility neon-green and black.
(DIN 5-14)
(DIN 3-12)
Women are even more at risk of knee injuries than men! Our Mist binding offers a safer, high-performance experience, configured with the optimal fore-aft stance for women. The Mist places you slightly more upright (less forward lean), in a more athletic position. In cloud white, black, and silver. Just right!
(DIN 3-12)
(DIN 3-12)
The Core is a fun expression of performance and protection. With the widest mounts, the most stable boot platform, the world's only floating mount system for flat skis, and even cantilevered brakes for less interference and more reliable switch landings, Totally cool, in neon-green and black.
(DIN 3-12)
(DIN 3-12)
All the great features you'd expect from any KneeBinding, but that you can't get on ordinary bindings - all in a graphite-grey, black, and silver package. Made with industrial resins and stainless steel, these bindings provide premium performance and safety for skiers of all levels on any terrain.
(DIN 3-12)

Welcome to the
next generation
of Alpine Bindings!

All models of KneeBindings share the same fundamental performance and safety features, including FlexFloatTM, LeverEdgeTM, Cantilevered Brakes, and (of course) PureLateralTM Heel Release.

KneeBindings are the only bindings in the world with PureLateralTM heel release! This patented mechanism can detect the specific forces that cause most knee injuries on skis, and can release just before the forces are great enough to otherwise injure the knee.

KneeBindings have been proven, through independent, controlled studies to reduce the risk of all knee injuries on skis by 75% - and to reduce the risk of ACL injuries on skis by 82%. Click here for studies.

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- Specifications
- FlexFloatTM Mounting System
- LeverEdgeTM Technology
- 6 Models (DIN 3-12 or 5-14)
- 26mm-32mm Stand Height
- Configurable Ramp Delta
   (0mm - 6mm)
- Convenient Treadle Scraper
- Interchangeable Brakes
   (75, 90, 110, 130, 150mm)
- Conforms With International
   Testing Standards
- Made in the U.S.A.