Interactive Flat Skis

FlexFloatTM Mounting System - The Ultimate Union of Boot to Ski
Ordinary bindings are mounted in a way that makes them feel stiff and heavy - and release when you don't want them to. Their mounting systems create "flat spots," which limit the ski's ability to flex naturally. Turning isn't as easy because the ski can no longer form a perfect arc.

It's even worse when a ski with an ordinary binding must flex deeply, such as when it plows into a mogul, or flexes during a switch landing. When that happens, the distance between the heel cup and the toe cup narrows slightly, while the boot sole stays exactly the same size, and the binding has no choice but to pop open at the heel. This "bow effect" is the #1 cause of unwanted release in skiing.
KneeBindings Are Different!
Our unique, floating mount system allows the binding to feel completely rigid on the ski, and yet move - just a little - when the ski flexes. KneeBinding's carefully engineered FlexFloatTM Mounting System allows the ski to flex and turn more naturally - the way the manufacturer intended it to - and all but eliminates unwanted release.

Our FlexFloatTM Mounting System allows the ski to move with the terrain, without interfering with the boot-binding relationship.
Ski Better!
And still be able to walk back to your car.