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LeverEdgeTM Technology - The Ultimate Union of Boot and Binding
A great binding can improve the way you ski, and the union between the boot and the binding makes the difference. Ordinary bindings offer boot platforms that are significantly narrower (front and/or rear) than the boot sole, and they often have "sloppy," or unstable boot platforms (such as sliders or "tractor treads") that allow the boot to move in the binding.

KneeBindings Are Different!
KneeBinding is the only consumer binding on the market with hard, flat boot platforms, front AND rear, the exact width of the boot sole. Go figure! In fact, every detail of this union has been carefully engineered to maximize retention, edge grip and leverage, including the placement of the mounting screws, the geometry and placement of the AFDs, and the way the binding latches onto the boot.

KneeBinding release mechanisms are also designed to maximize elasticity. They "give" a little under sudden impact (rather than simply release) and snap right back. This means the binding can actually help you recover from a close call.

KneeBinding even offers a precise toe-height adjustment system that eliminates the "play" found in the toes of ordinary bindings.

The precise engineering of KneeBinding's FlexFloatTM Technology produces a difference you can actually feel on the snow. If you want more power, better leverage, improved edge-grip and better retention - you want KneeBindings.
Ski Better!
And still be able to walk back to your car.