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"The thing is legit! I had no pre-releases, boot movement, or any other undesirable sensations. It makes sense to protect yourself against the heartbreak of knee injury, and the boot-to-ski connection feels as good as any binding made!"
- Hans Ludwig, Powder Magazine
"It skis great, with all the edge-hold, lateral responsiveness and overall solidity you expect from a good binding!"
 - Ski Magazine - "Gear of the Year"
"The new KneeBinding has a patented lateral heel release - allowing it to let go when standard bindings will not."
 - Popular Mechanics
"Skiing may actually become a lot safer!"
 - Dr. William Sterett, Steadman-Hawkins Clinic
 Head Team Physician - U.S. Women's Ski Team
Great Performance.
World-Class Retention
 ... and the best protection!
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 KneeBinding premium-performance ski bindings. They ski better, retain better, and are the only bindings with PureLateralTM heel release.
 KneeBinding's patented PureLateralTM heel release can
 detect the forces that create most knee injuries on skis and
 can release before those forces would otherwise injure your knee.
Find out why!